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FMS Latest Developlment   
FMS realesed new anti-stab material,
Worldwide strongest anti-stab material. 
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FMS UD Materials 
Uni-Directional Materials
Hard Armor & Soft Armor Applications
These new and revolutionary materials are produced using a patented production system that combines man made fibers in a Uni-Directional fiber-resin matrix to provide with a tension free matrix capable of absorbing more energy than similar woven products.
The UD material is produced in rolls of product, consisting of uni-directional fiber tapes cross-plied at 00/900
UD fabrics work better than Woven fabrics !
Woven fabric system creates stress junctions where the fibers intertwine, these stress junctions reduce the overall ability of the fabric to absorb energy. 
The Uni-Directional matrix is designed in such a way as to eliminate these stress junctions and to allow the UD fabric to absorb more energy thus making the UD fabric a more efficient system in absorbing the bullet kinetic energy.
Currently the UD fabrics are one of the most used fabrics world wide for the ballistic protection industry. 
Light Weight Armor for 
  • Bullet proof vests
  • Add-on inserts
  • Ballistic protection helmets
  • Vehicle armor panels
  • Marine vessel armor panels
  • Aircraft armor panels


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