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FMS Latest Developlment   
FMS realesed new anti-stab material,
Worldwide strongest anti-stab material. 
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Pressed Panels & Plates


Made of either FAMOSTONE UD UHMW-PE fabric or UD Aramid fabric or a combination of them.


Vehicle Protection 

·        FMS can produce panels that can reach up to 1600 x 2500 mm  
·        FMS can produce 3D / multi-curved panels in large sizes
·        FMS panels can defeat the following international standards:
      ·        NIJ STD. 0108.01
·        EN STD. 1063
·        STANAG STD. 4569
     and more...

Personal Protection 

·        FMS production capacity exceeds 30,000 plates per month
·        FMS plates can defeat the following international standards:
·        NIJ STD. 0101.04 or 0101.06 Levels IIA, II, IIIA, III and III(+) 
·        Can be used with a Level IIIA vest or as a stand-alone plates
·        Higher threat levels are available upon request
FMS uses various technologies among them is our proprietary Pre-Cut / Pre-Cut-Pressed technologies
Pre-Cut Technology
  • Makes available Pre-Cut UD material for vest manufacturers saving cost and waste for the vest manufacturer and to the end-user
  • Pre-Cut technology provides a high-precision cutting of layered UD-materials package, ready for incorporation into the vest coverings
Pre-Cut-Pressed Technology
  • Makes available Pre-Cut-Pressed UD panels and plates with high cutting precision and excellent press finish
  • Cutting as per customers drawings
  • Sealant of the cutting edges during the process, thus making the panel better water resistant
  • Superior cutting eliminating excess filaments, burns, edge delamination and water absorption caused by after press processing methods
  • Cost savings by reducing waste and by eliminating the need for after press processing
  • Panels are cut to final size and are ready for installation / assembly without further processing



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