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FMS realesed new anti-stab material,
Worldwide strongest anti-stab material. 
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FMS is a global company, that was founded in 1986, it turned into a public company in 1992.  It was the first company in the world to produce commercial UD-PE and UD-Aramid fabrics.  and the first to produce pressed UD-PE panels.


FMS is a public company and is traded in the Israeli stock exchange. 


FMS is a world leader and pioneer in advanced ballistic protection technology and manufacturing, and one of the main sources worldwide for ballistic protection raw materials and products.

The company produces

The company products are used in the following applications
  • Personal ballistic protection
  • Vehicle armoring
  • Ship armoring
  • Aircraft armoring

FMS is spread Globaly with locations in

  • Petach Tikva, Israel
  • North Carolina, USA
  • Bangalore, India


The FMS experience includes


High Flexibility - FMS can produce a wide range of width's allowing for a better optimization of the materials thus lowering costs for our customers.


World Unique - FMS is the only manufacturer worldwide that manufactures both Non-woven UD-PE  and UD-Aramid under one company and is licensed to do so.


Quality Assurance - FMS has it's own Ballistic Laboratory, certified by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and the Israeli Police.  This Ballistic Laboratory is used in providing QA and QC testing to all of FMS's products before shipment.   FMS is ISO-9001:2008 certified.


Unique Customer Services - FMS Ballistic Laboratory is also used for the development of new materials and new ballistic protection solutions both for personal and for vehicular applications that best serve FMS's customers specific requirements.


Fast Deliveries - Due to FMS's unique capabilities, flat management structure and high volume manufacturing capacities, FMS delivers its product's at record breaking times.



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